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Offensive linemen apply intelligence, agility and strength in different combinations to move heavy bodies from place to place. As a three-year letterman and offensive captain for the legendary University of Georgia Bulldogs in the 1970’s, Macon, GA native Mack Guest understood these principles better than most. Guest decided to bring these principles into the business world. After working for various trucking and logistics organizations, he founded LAD Truck Lines in 1997. His brother Judson joined him at LAD Truck Lines in 2000. Today, with their leadership the company has grown into four distinct but complementary entities: LAD Truck Lines, LAD Logistics, LAD Warehousing & Distribution and LAD Records Management.

LAD Management
LAD Management


LAD Truck Lines is under the leadership of founders Mack Guest III and Judson Guest as well as Vice President Steven Haugabook and General Manager Mack “Dutch” Guest IV. LAD Tuck Lines employs more than 25 at its warehouse and logistics center. The LAD team includes dispatchers, warehouse associates, drivers. and managers. The company seeks leaders who understand the value of hard work and have the courage to persevere through challenging situations. LAD also expects its associates to be have strong technology skills, good interpersonal skills and the ability to think on their feet.

Mack Guest

Mack H. Guest III


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Mack Guest

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Mack Guest

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